est. 2001

Service Dogs of America
We are changing our name to "Working Dogs of America"

Working Dog Registry and Titling program for protection, obedience & tracking
Our name change is to try to clear the confusion of the word "service". To us it means police, military or personal protection dog.
It has become clear over the years that to the general public it means "assistance dog".
We are not changing our goals or program just our name to try to better explain who we are and what we do.  

Working Dogs of America is dedicated to developing, preserving, and using a canine's natural instincts,
intelligence, and tractability to perform meaningful, utilitarian tasks for mankind.
Its goal is to use proven common-sense methods for training both canine and handler while maximizing the social,
family orientation, and sport aspects of dog training. In addition the WDA program enables the evaluation of a canine's working ability,
maintaining and improving breeding stock to conform to the breed's original purpose and function.

Titles offered:

Videos available of the routines on our rules  page.
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Jack Rayl along with Bill Seltzer co-founded Service Dogs of America in 2001. Jack served as President developing and promoting the new sport for many years.
His visionary effort to create a working dog sport that was accessible to the general public without the need for expensive club membership and bureaucratic structure
has been central to its popularity. The newly renamed Working Dogs of America retains the same mission as SDA and
all who enjoy training their dogs in this sport give Jack our sincere thanks.